Earthy Collection: Botanically Ice Dyed Silk Scarves

Earthy Collection: Botanically Ice Dyed Silk Scarves

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Stunning silk scarves with beautiful patterns made by the interaction of botanical extracts, minerals, and ice - as it melts in our California sunshine it draws the extracts with it and paints the silks with beautiful, flowy colors. Made in micro-batches with very limited quantities.

100% mulberry silk satin, one side has a beautiful sheen and the other is matte. Ethically hemmed in India, dyed in our farm studio in California.

Bandanas are 22x22in, Ribbon scarves are 4.5x36in. Lovely in any season, they can be worn in your hair, around your neck, tied to a bag, wrapped around a gift…versatile and always beautiful. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated - so special! Natural dyes can be sensitive to sunlight so reduce exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the natural color as long as possible. Hand wash gently in warm water with pH neutral soap and hang dry out of direct sunlight. 

In this collection:

Antique Bronze is ice-dyed with madder, indigo, myrobalan, chestnut and iron. A coppery bronze on the surface with blue and red tones underneath - subtle and fascinating with an iridescent feel.

Smoky Olive is ice-dyed with chestnut, walnut, madder, weld, marigold, fustic and iron. Predominate olive tones with patterns in brown, gray, navy and plum underneath.

Sand Dune is ice-dyed with walnut, madder and myrobalan. Predominant warm orange-y yellows with gentle washes of pink, red, brown and gray.