farmette essentials bundle: 25 of our most popular cards

farmette essentials bundle: 25 of our most popular cards

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The ultimate start to your stash! This collection of cards includes our most beloved designs across a variety of occasions. It stands alone as an easy way to get started with a beautiful card cache, or supplement with seasonal bundles or single cards to build a collection tailored just for you! Comes in a beautiful wooden stationery box (plus extra goodies!) you can reach for any time you need.


BABY: “welcome little love” on vanilla, “you’re going to be an amazing mama” with rose illustration on blush

BIRTHDAY: “happy birthday” with cake illustration on blush, “happy birthday beautiful” with flower illustration on honey, “this world is better because you’re in it” handwriting on soft white, “here’s to a fruitful year - happy birthday” with fruiting branches illustration on rose, "I am so glad you were born" on soft white

ENCOURAGEMENT: “life is better with a friend like you” with illustration of mugs on blush, “it’s been a lot and you’re doing great” on soft white

EVERY DAY NOTE CARDS: illustration of a bowl of flowers on blush, illustration of a peony stem on vanilla, illustration of a vase with a flower arrangement inside on leaf, minimalist illustration of two people hugging on soft white

MILESTONES: “what a beautiful life you’ll have together” handwriting on vanilla, “congratulations on your new home” with branches in vase on leaf, “yay you!” on soft white

LOVE: “I’m glad I get to grow old with you” with illustration of two rocking chairs on leaf, “wild about you” with horse illustration on vanilla

HARDSHIP AND LOSS: settled joy original poem on sky, “that was really hard and you were really brave” on deep indigo

QUOTE: “I must have flowers, always and always. - claude monet” on soft white

THANK YOU: “thank you” with wreath illustration on soft white, “thank you for having us” with illustration of a place setting on vanilla, “thanks a bunch” with illustration of a bunch of carrots on leaf

THINKING OF YOU: “thinking of you” with moth illustration on terra cotta

WANT TO BUILD A CUSTOM COLLECTION? We’ve put all of our cards on one page to make it easy here.