wildflower/wildfire poem art print

wildflower/wildfire poem art print

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This print features an original poem written by farmette founder Loren Profit Smith:


There are certain species

of wildflowers

that only bloom

after a forest fire:

all that death and ash,

the burning,

opens up a space

for the sun to reach in

where it never could before.

And in the charred earth

those seeds crack open,

they unfurl, they grow,

they lift up their faces

and soak in the light.


Alongside the poem is an illustration of Baker's Globe Mallow, one of the wildflowers by which the poem was inspired.

Handmade “soft white” paper art print with four full deckled edges, approximately 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches. Front is letterpress printed in black.

Comes in a cello sleeve with a thick backer, a matte printed cardstock card with information about our process.

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