announcing our new stocked paper capsules!

We're so excited to announce our new
stocked paper capsules - coming december 2018!

Starting at the end of the year, our lovely handmade papers will be offered in limited edition capsule collections, released approximately every six weeks.

These collections will include large quantities (around 1,000) of A7 and 4-bar sheets and envelopes, A6 sheets, business cards and place cards; and significant quantities (around 500) of A6 envelopes, A2 sheets, and 4x9in sheets. These quantities will be divided between two colors per size, and the colors in each capsule are carefully chosen to complement each other in a mix-and-match fashion.


Capsules will be limited edition, which will allow us to provide stocked quantities appropriate for event work while working in batches that allow us to play with color and provide a consistent batch color profile from our natural, botanical dyes. Individual sheets will be available for purchase and will be great for sampling the colors of each particular batch, and wholesale pricing will apply to packs of 20 sheets at a time.

Wholesale Hold System

As an exclusive benefit for our wholesale friends, we will offer a system of reserving paper for two weeks at a time so that you can be confident that when you present a paper palette to a client, your choices are reserved with us and ready to purchase and ship when your client finalizes their decision. We will be sending out an email with details about this to our wholesale list in the coming few weeks, after we process the wholesale applications that have been on hold as we have been switching over our system - thank you for your patience!!

If you haven't yet applied for wholesale, click here to do so.

Our first Capsule will be released in mid December
and includes the following offerings:

Vanilla : A7 envelopes, 4-bar envelopes, A6 envelopes, A6 sheets, 4x9in sheets, business cards and place cards

Lace : A7 envelopes, 4-bar envelopes, A2 sheets, 4x9in sheets, business cards and place cards

Lichen/Oyster (depending on how the dyes set) : A6 envelopes, A6 sheets, A7 sheets

Blush : A7 sheets, 4-bar sheets, business cards

Sky (color can vary from more blue to more blue-green) : 4-bar sheets, business cards

Oatmeal : A2 sheets

We'll let you know the exact release date in early December!

Until then, we will be adding smaller quantities (though many still with enough for events!) of various colors and sizes of paper every Friday to the Limited Edition section of our website (found here), which can also be easily accessed from our homepage. We’ll let you know what we’re listing on Instagram stories or posts, or through an email. Once our wholesale reservation system is in place, the two-week hold will be available for wholesale customers on these papers as well.


Thank you so much for your support of farmette press & paper co! We’re so looking forward to seeing what you make in the coming year with our papers - it’s such a joy to create with you!





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