S H O P   Q U E S T I O N S

  • Do you ship international?
    • Yes! We do. You will see shipping options on your checkout page.
    • What is your shipping time?
      • Retail orders will ship in 1-3 business days. Wholesale will ship in 1-3 weeks. If you need your order sooner, please include a comment in the notes at checkout and email us at hello@farmette.co - we’ll do our best to accommodate. Faster shipping times are available in check out. Please allow additional time for shipping as postal orders can be delayed due to covid.
      • I need my package soon; can you ship quickly?
        • Yes, we do our best to accommodate expedited packing and shipping. Choose your preferred shipping at check out, put a comment in the notes and send us an email at hello@farmette.co and we’ll do our best to get your package out in one business day.
        • Do you accept returns?
          • Yes, we accept returns. The buyer is responsible for return shipping. If you’re dissatisfied with your product, please email us at hello@farmette.co and we will do our best to quickly resolve the issue. 
          • I’d like to carry your product in my store, do you offer wholesale?
            • Yes, we love to work with retail partners! Please use this link to submit your information for access to our wholesale site. We look forward to hearing from you!


            P A P E R  +  P R E S S   Q U E S T I O N S  

            • Do you sell blank paper?
              • We do not regularly stock blank paper for sale. However, we offer studio sales and a subscription to odds and ends for our imperfect, overstock or one-off paper. Click here to see if there is anything available in our studio sale. If you would like to be notified of up-coming studio sales, please check out our Instagram @farmette.studio.sale or subscribe to our studio sale email list here.
              • I want farmette to make my wedding invitations. Do you do that?
                • First of all, congratulations and thank you for thinking of us for such a special event! We are working on a wedding collection that will be released soon and if you would like, you can preview it here and see digital mockup invitation samples (paper and ink colors, along with names and wedding details of course, are customizable). Unfortunately, we can’t take on any completely custom weddings at this time. Please contact us at hello@farmette.co with any questions or for more information. 
                • I want farmette to make my business cards. Do you offer custom cards for businesses?
                  • Yes! We love to print business cards for other small business. We offer handmade paper and letterpress and/or foil printing for designs you provide. Basic pricing for letterpress on handmade cards starts with a $50 base rate set-up fee, plus $1.25 each for single-sided cards and $2 each for double-sided cards, no minimum. Please email hello@farmette.co for more information and to get started!
                  • I am a designer. Can farmette provide paper and press for my client? 
                    • We’d be happy to provide paper and press for you and your client! You can find basic information here, and please email hello@farmette.co for more information and availability. 
                    • Can you make a custom print for my baby/husband/teacher/boss/friend/mother/group?
                      • Sometimes, yes! Please email your idea to us (including paper size and number of prints desired is especially helpful!) at hello@farmette.co for more information.

                    P R O C E S S   Q U E S T I O N S

                    • I want to learn how to make paper. Will you teach me?
                      • At this time, we do not offer any educational resources. If you look at our Instagram you can find several posts and videos about our process, and if we get enough emails about it, we may put together an online class. :)
                      • Others in the paper-making community who offer resources: paperslurry.com is a great starting place for basic information. Sharon Kopko of Pressed Paper + Print offers an online paper making class every spring. Stephanie Hare of SHare Studios offers a paper making tutorial and equipment. Many local colleges and art schools also offer paper making classes.
                    • What do you use to make paper? Is your paper recycled?
                      • We use a 50% cotton noil half-stuff and 50% abaca blend. The cotton is remnant from a cotton mill in the garment industry in the United States. Abaca is a fiber from the banana family and ours is imported from the Philippines.
                      • What natural dyes do you use?
                        • We use many different natural dyes, and we try to source them as sustainably as possible. We encourage you to experiment with your own natural dyes - it's so much fun! Some great sources (in the US) of dyes and information are: botanicalcolors.com and aurorasilk.com.
                        • What additives do you add to your paper?
                          • In addition to natural dyes, we internally size our paper to accept ink and use calcium carbonate (chalk) to balance pH. We do not mordant our fibers for dye acceptance at this time because of environmental considerations.