about us

L O R E N  P R O F I T  S M I T H

owner | founder 

Hello, and welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Loren, a city girl who made my husband buy me a farm because I was convinced that we needed a life knit to natural beauty, the rhythms of the seasons, the patient satisfaction of working with our hands, and gratitude for simple joys. A few years later, I founded farmette press & paper co to express these same good things we experience on our little homestead in Kansas City.

 I'm graced with an amazing team including paper-makers and pressman who come to the studio on our farm to create beautiful handmade papers and letterpress prints. I'm honored that two of our team are refugees, one Congolese and one Syrian, and that we get to be a part of them finding home again, here in Kansas City.