Wholesale Handmade Paper + Press Pricing Guide

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale paper + press offerings for other small businesses! At this time, we only offer our handmade paper with letterpress (no blank sheets), and we stock the sizes below in our 9 standard collection colors. We print on our botanically-dyed papers from your print-ready Illustrator or PDF files. (You can find a file prep video here: https://youtu.be/PPWeBjtusQY.)

You can find the cost for your project with this formula: Total per design = flat rate + per sheet x # of sheets. We require a minimum of $100 total per order for wholesale rates. 

Example: for 100 5x7in+ sheets, the total cost would be $60 flat rate + $2.75 x 100 = $335.

Sheet size Flat rate Per sheet
5x7in+ $60.00 $2.75
3.5x5in+ $50.00 $1.75
4x6in+ $50.00 $2.25
2x4in+ $50.00 $1.25 single- / $2 double-sided
4x8in+ $60.00 $2.75

 *+ indicates the extra space required for deckled edges. Please size up your envelopes at least 3/4in

**super-saturated colors No 2 (deep mossy gray-green) and No 6 (deep indigo) cost a slight premium because of the amount of natural dyes required to achieve their depth of hue

We also offer premium paper finishes like lace imprint, botanical watercolor wash effects and cosmic prints, in addition to our collection colors and limited edition seasonal hues. Please send us an email at hello@farmette.co if you're interested in any of these options, and we'd be happy to discuss them with you!

This pricing includes letterpress printing in our stocked ink colors, which include soft black, charcoal gray, light gray, walnut, taupe, champagne, toasted almond, sage green, and moss green. We can offer a Pantone-matched custom ink color for a one-time fee of $66, after which you can order that ink color any time free of charge. Because letterpress ink is translucent, colors will change slightly depending on the color of the paper. For opaque and metallic prints, the use of our foil press is required. Please email us to discuss if foil is a good fit for your project.


T U R N A R O U N D   /  P R O C E S S

Our turnaround time is generally 2-3 weeks, and rush service for 1 week is sometimes available for a $75 fee. Please email us at hello@farmette.co to discuss our current timeline. 

The process goes something like this:

1. You send an email to hello@farmette.co detailing the specifics of your desired project, including: paper sizes and colors, quantity needed, desired ink color, and the latest date you would like/need to have your finished prints in hand.

2. We respond within two business days with a quote confirmation and our current timeline. We will also send an invoice for a 50% deposit.

3. You confirm you would like to move forward and send us your print-ready files as well as pay the 50% deposit to send the project into production. *If it takes longer than a few days for you to confirm, we may need to revisit to make sure our production timeline is still accurate.

4. We make your lovely papers with press for you! Once we are finished, we will send you a photo and an invoice for the remaining 50%.

5. After we receive the remaining payment, we send out your papers to you with the shipping option you selected.

6. YAY!

Thank you and again, always feel free to email us at hello@farmette.co with any questions, ideas or to start discussing your project. We look forward to working with you!