greeting cards for mother’s day - 2

greeting cards for mother’s day - 2

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Lovely cards to celebrate all the mamas in your life! Handmade paper with four full deckled edges, folded and comes with an A2 envelope.

Clockwise from top left:

Soft white paper imprinted with antique lace, printed black letterpress, reads “happy mother's day”

Vanilla paper printed with black letterpress, reads “I love you, Mom”

Blush paper with black letterpress, reads, “Mama, you are seen, remembered, appreciated, celebrated, loved” 

Yellow calendula petals embedded in soft white paper printed with black letterpress, reads “watching you as a mother is one of the proudest joys of my life.” A thoughtful encouragement, meant to be given by a spouse, parent, close friend or family member to a mama they admire.