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Sweet and festive ornaments in handmade paper with silk ribbon, perfect for your tree, gifts, place settings…anywhere you’d like a little bit of charm with big impact.

Botanically-dyed handmade paper 3 inch circles with full deckle around. Letterpress printed one-at-a-time on antique presses. Hand threaded with plant-dyed silk ribbons, made from garment-industry remnants in India and dyed in our studio.

Clockwise from top left:

Fir tree forest in gold foil with persimmon red silk ribbon

Peace dove in black letterpress on indigo paper with ivory white silk ribbon

Pair of deer in the snow in black letterpress with emerald green silk ribbon

Duck in black letterpress on natural white paper imprinted with antique lace with french blue silk ribbon

Bouquet of fruit in black letterpress on oak green paper with white silk ribbon

Abundant basket in black letterpress on terra cotta paper with saddle brown silk ribbon

Kettle in black letterpress on natural white paper with crimson red silk ribbon

Cozy sweater in black letterpress on honey yellow paper with emerald green silk ribbon