Winter Seasonal Bundle of 10: Volume I

Winter Seasonal Bundle of 10: Volume I

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Beautifully curated for the winter season, this bundle has a little bit of everything for December, January and February. A $70.50 value for $60, it includes:

”happy holidays” with cozy woodstove on soft gray folded card

”merry christmas and a happy new year” handwritten with a wreath illustration on oak folded card

gold foil illustration of candles on night folded card

”thank you” in gold foil on vanilla folded paper 

“snow angel” handwritten with blind deboss snow angel illustration on soft white


“Happy Birthday” with a tree rings illustration on tea lleaf folded paper

”loving and being loved by you is such a gift” on vanilla folded card

“I am so glad you were born” on soft white folded card

”xoxo” on blush flat note card

”Winter Solstice” poem on duck egg blue note card - reflecting on the rest and quiet of the darker seasons